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So sad! But inspiring, too - thank you...
I know I've got to get a new word but until then...WOW! This gripped me and deeply touched me from the first word to the last.

Loved your epilogue. You ministered to the soul of my heart today with this article...and God used your gift to do it.

Don't know about any unfinished manuscript...but THIS needs to be published :)

This is beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes and gives excellent advice.
A very touching story, well written, and brought this reader a feeling of emotion...which is a sign of excelent writing. Nice job.
This is quite wonderful. Good reminder to all writers and all wannabes. To a compulsive person who gives their all to what they do, it is hard to write well and still keep life in focus.
Excellent writing! Whew!
Very well done.

Superb use of simile with the blue pen being a vein/artery for life. I won't forget that image...And of course I wish I would have said it!! ;)

Keep writing!!
Sometimes all I can say is "Wow". What a touching story. Wow.
This story has a strong emotional impact and an excellent message to the writer...don't build your whole life on words. Great job on this work.
Your intro was superb pulling me right into the action, and your ending gripped my heart.

This is a great example of how to start a story and how to end it. Everything in between was great too! I really liked the letter written by the husband to his wife.

I look forward to reading more of your writing. This was a joy to read.
So well written and thought-provoking as well. First things first, right? Thank you for this reminder.