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I like the analogy. The discussion made me think as well...
Creatively, thought out and thought provoking. Your dialogue is well done and your message...bullseye! Anything and everything without God, lacks.
What an interesting debate. I liked how you managed many POVs
Like Marie, I too almost fell asleep in that first paragraph; but then it got interesting. Many good thoughts, comparisons and musings about other types of arts and crafts...but that last line by the quiet one was what U>made this entry memorable. Nice job.
I enjoyed this debate also, and your point that something becomes art when it's touched by God. Very thought provoking, and an excellent portrayal of a classroom debate. I too had some trouble getting through the first paragraph, although I know you likely intentionally made that part monotonous -- you may have accomplished that just a bit TOO well. But other than that, a smooth and fun read, with a great message.
Interesting debate, good take on topic, well-written, meaty., maybe a little more... artistic.

Your (and the Professor's) analogies are most thought-provoking. Creative work with this!
This was a really great discussion of the art/craft of writing. Nice creative format rather than strictly essay. Great work!
You nailed the topic - in the box, while still being very creative. Loved the give and take of students and professor, and I'll take away some food for thought from this piece. (Are you missing some words from the last sentence in the 3rd paragraph, or am I not reading it right?)
Congratulations in placing in the top 15 in your level.