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Perfect title, and I heartily agree! Lots of depth here, and I thought your last line was the best, "Our greatest inspiration..." A few sentences in last paragraph needed another once over with editing (no caps at beginning of sentences). But I love your comparison of God being the Creator, and we, being made in His image, also create. Tremendous thought!
Beautiful and well written. It would make an outstanding devotion with a scripture and prayer.
Ewwww, really like the depth of this and as the reader, received the wisdom of the message and also felt the heart of the writer. Great title for this piece also!
Awesomely stated and deeply profound. Loved it! And, due to my disability of having a very short attention span - your entry was like paradise on earth; Short, sweet and to the point! Kudos! Kudos! and Kudos! Excellent job on topic and beautifully written. God Bless your pen, or in ths case - your keyboard! (*.*)!
Thanks - yes...let's get real...for Him, through Him, because of Him, in Him, with Him...that's the difference between what will last into eternity.
written almost like poetry, I really enjoyed this. I too love the way the writer is made a reflection of the creator, as we are made in His image.
How beautifully you capture the depth of the writing process and the creativity flowing from the heart of God. I read it a few times just to fully appreciate this profound truth.
A very eloquent way of describing what goes on in the heart and mind of a Christian writer. Loved it!
Beautiful! And when the Holy Spirit flows, it sometimes feels as if I'm just holding the pen. Amen!
I was mesmerized while reading this inspired entry. Your descriptions are beautiful!
Definitely is poetry with such vivid imagery and metaphor.