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What fun... seeing all the alternate pathways (even though they lead in "unwanted" directions for the reader.) :) Very creative work!
I used to love hose books. I too would go back if I didn't like the choice. It was a nice trip down memory lane and the ending was cute.
Before I nit-pic, let me say how much I loved your story. It flowed in a believable way that was very readable. Your use of italics kept it easy to keep track of the plot. You have done a great job with this one.

Now, a fun little nit-pic... Is the MC's life also a choose your own path? She can either talk to her daughter Kaylee or her other daughter Kaley. Now wonder she likes the choose your path books!
This creativity is a first for me and I loved it!
This is great! I used to love these books. Thanks for the reminder. The author must have written a lot of books though. I don't think I would ever forget a book that was published. Well done!
You led this reader through a labyrinth-like maze with skill. I so enjoyed the journey, sharing the adventures with the protagonist and the final conclusion - that writers can/should and do mature. Great job and out-of-the box thinking.
Very funny, creative, and new to me. I'd never heard of choose your own ending books...guess they were before my time :)
Your use of formatting was excellent, making the 'scene' changes very clear. And I think it's great the way you brought to life an often despised genre of children's/teen writing. On the other hand I felt your twist at the end was too forced and that it left me feeling somewhat cheated by the outcome.
Wouldn't it be great if we could do the same with our Challenge entries, modifying our stories to improve them as the comments come in!