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I had to smile at "recliner spud." I love how you've illustrated the verse about winning the unbelieving partner. The peace of the wife was "tangible." Very nice work!
This was enjoyable. It almost seems to be a part 2 story. The first part what the wife was like before she got religion and this part the conclusion of a wonderful story of how Jesus can change us when we walk beside Him
Excellent message. I'm sure you hit a few cords with all of us "wives"...certainly did me :)
Makes perfect sense to me... he could read her like a book until the became like the Book worth reading. He's going to have to learn how to read all over again. Great story.
Sorry, that should be "until SHE became". Someday I'll learn to proofread.
I enjoyed reading this! Yes, what a change one can be upon receiving Christ as Lord! With such visible change, it certainly warrants others to read into the word of God.
Now that you've tossed a brick, I do believe I was right about this being a part 2. I think this is so creative to show both the wife's side and the husband's POV. Well done.
Loved the voice in this, Pamela. I could almost hear the husband speaking. Nice take on the topic.
Wow, I loved how it shows what really changes a man, not all the nagging but demonstrating the love of Christ and the change He's made in our own lives.
Nothing like a change within. 'A new creature'.
Good work.

The voice in this is awesome. Great message, too. Well done!
This is my favorite of yours ever...and one of my favorites this week--great voice and message, as well as being very creative on the topic.
"Recliner spud" was too good, lol.

Glad you ended it on the note of his own change in the making. This piece stands on it own, for sure!
Loved your creative spin on the topic. You definitely captured my attention. Good job on this piece.
This is excellent. And I agree with all the good comments. But I was just a bit uncomfortable with the "I just might learn something" as the final phrase in the ending. It didn't feel like it matched with his attitude throughout the rest of the story, and it felt too soon for him to give that big of a concession. But that just might be my own personal bias based on the people I've run across myself since no one else seemed to mention it.