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You made some excellent points. The prayer is beautiful
I appreciate your challenge to your reader with this, "Let us understand Gods mind and know His will for us by reading His word regularly and claiming the promises written within." You gave me much to think about. Thank you!
This is inspirational when I REALLY needed to be inspired. Thank you.
I love your God inspired and God given talent for bringing The Word to life in our modern day lives. Also enjoyed your unique take on "The Reader" and especially your comment about how we can read the mind of God through His Word. As always, great job and well done!
Nice devotional reminder. Loved the beautiful prayer at the end.
I'm never disappointed in your entries. How could I be? They are stock-full of truths. I appreciate the work you do for the One you do it.

You have an excellent devotional here. (Interesting that you and I chose the same Scripture passage to write about for this challenge!)
I especially liked your point about Jesus being the only One who could read about Himself in ancient writings, and your other insights about the uniqueness of His reading compared to ours. That's the point that most moved me personally.
Good teaching here, and very well presented. I like the place where you reminded us that when we are reading God's Word, and we are overwhelmed, just sit back and listen with our hearts. (My rendition of what you said.) Lots of times that happens..."Listen to the still small voice of God."...Thanks...Helen