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okay, in the first paragraph I got excited and thought- oh! he's a squirrel. but no, Philbert's a dog. makes much more sense that way.

I loved this story. And it rings true to the special 4 legged critters I know.

I think your dialogue flowed well, I think the story held all the way through-- and what a creative interpretation of the topic! And a great pov.

a job well done :)
sweet story... stole this dog lover's heart...I wanted to know so much more about him
Cute. I liked it! Yay for dogs! ^_^
I enjoyed this engaging story, loved little Philbert.
Very creative take on the topic! You're right; it's not only words that can be read. I love the POV - I didn't figure out until the end just who Philbert was. And he cheered me up too. His personality shines through your words.
I loved this - you've captured the heart of Phil just as I would have imagined it should be and most likely is. I also like the underlying message that we are open books being read, daily. Great job and I didn't find the relation to the topic far-fetched at all.
This is absolutely incredible! I know you were worried that it might not actually fit the topic. But to that I say how else would an omniscient Pup be able to read. I really enjoyed it and could picture it so easily.
Extremely clever and one of a kind take on the topic. This heart warming and fun loving story is also a great insight into the heart and soul of its author!

A heartwarming story and a great example of the value of "pups"!
Aw... I loved the moment I learned Phil's identity! I enjoyed this creative "tail" very much. Your title is perfect!
Ah Pup, can I have Filbert. I promise I'll take good care of him. I really enjoyed the read.
Philbert just might be the most unique POV for the topic this week. Clever!
I figured him for a squirrel too, at first. The "bark" was the defining moment. Excellently done and an enjoyable read.