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A reminder that wherever we are there's always the opportunity to be a witness. I enjoyed the story. Thanks.
You had me disliking that editor in your story. I felt she should have been more supportive of the author. Perhaps she was having a bad day, lol. But you held my attention all the way. Good job.
Nice story; it always feels good when the Lord uses the talent He blessed you with and you actually get to see the results in a person! Well written and encouraging. One blip: in the first sentence, did you mean "rattled" when you put "raddled?" Overall--it was a nice writing job.
I missed the play on words (thought it was a spelling error until I saw it in your post) but I liked the story.
Dub, you have an unique ability to take an 'everyday' story and make it interesting. Your characters, setting are so plausible.

I agree... you have a way of finding deep stories in the most average places. I have always enjoyed reading your entries.
I really enjoyed this story both for it's writing style and it's message. The editor's personality seemed inconsistent from the beginning of the story to the end of it but perhaps that was intentional since we all have our good points and bad. I liked the message that the church is a place of love and acceptance.
This is wonderful. I can actually see this playing out.
Great message-- for the waitress! ...and I think there is an underlying message for writers here, too! I enjoyed this!
Hey dub, Great story. My wife is a Waitress and I could easily envision the entire scene. I have a friend exactly like your editor. Good job!
This could be a true story, especially when the MC drinks iced tea (iced tea is a Godly thing right Dub?). Enjoyed read as always. I like the casual way of witnessing to the waitress.
Great depiction of the varying space and time that people need to respond to our witness. I also enjoyed your natural dialogue and humour.
I especially liked the ending -- that gave it a cute twist and wrapped it up nicely.
Another point made here is that we assume everyone is aware of Christian literature. We have a bigger audience to reach then we sometimes realize. Thanks for the reminder.
This certainly didn't deserve 201st place, in spite of what you wrote in the boards. I felt that it took a little while to get going but that once it was up to speed it was a very good story, with some very human characters and a great message