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Wow! This is good. Is it based on a real situation?
This was very raw and real. Great job with the voice of the narrator. Wonderful writing and flow!
Wow. We know this thing is going on, but it gives one chills to hear this in 1st person.
This is very powerful writing, from the title to the last paragraph, and so very relevant to all we're hearing about teen suicides caused by bullying. Riley's voice makes it very personal and real. Well done on tackling such a painful, topical subject.
WOW! This is great writing! It brought me to tears. POWERFUL!
The entire piece is rivetting but the most powerful line for me was "we learned how to heal."

Well written.
Written with conviction and passion. I love it when someone speaks up for the wounded souls. You did that very well here. Makes an impact.

A very difficult subject to tackle, but so well done! Great writing.
Eloquently written and so relevant in today's world. I recently returned from a funeral of a girl who was very much like the one you so vividly described. Her intervention, however, did not come soon enough. Maybe by your story here, it will help others.
powerful and gutwrenching. This has a message everyone should hear... too many young lives broken by words that wound... too many who are made to feel worthless. too many who take their lives because of the pain.
Whew, what an inside out look. You really pulled me into Riley's shoes, and what a place. A true illustration of the power of words.
Excellent storytelling that illustrates a powerful message. Well done.
Powerful, riveting writing. Good job for a tough take on the subject. Like the title.
Just by reading all of the above comments, you have obviously touched hearts with a well written message.

I believe surviving this experience will help to make you a compassionate and caring teacher.

I pray that all of your aspirations come to fruition!

Keep writing from your heart!
This could be a story on the front page of today's newspaper. This is gripping and your message compelling. So sad, but filled with hope!
Wow, this hit my heart. Very powerful message here. Very sincere. A heart gripper.
Excellent touching and gut wrenching!

My respects for your courageous endurance to expose yourself in order to help others. BRAVO!
You did an excellent job of bringing me into your character. I felt the pain she was feeling while I was reading. I was sad for her.

You also did an excellent job demonstarting the topic through the suicide note.

This was gripping and a great example of pulling the reader into the story.
You have excelled yourself here. Wrapping it all up inside a college application essay was a touch of genius
Shann, congrats on making the top ten in Advanced! Hope you are doing well *hugs*