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I like the title. it's perfect for the story you told. You brought me right into the times with your details and descriptions.
This was so well done. You grabbed me immediately with that great opening line, then held me all the way through. Great pacing, description and tone for the topic. Loved this retelling!
Nice retelling of a familiar story. I picture some missionary reading this to a class of new believers.
Clever title for this Biblical story. You've brought this story to life. Very nice!
Well done and an obvious message to all of us!
My stone drops to the ground with a thud. I see nothing wrong with your glass house.
This piece really engaged me. It kept me reading through, and even though I knew the ending, you still wrote it powerfully!

A couple of things I could point out (since I was trying to pick over it as I read):

Be careful to stay in one point of view. In the sentence about the accuser "mentally" rubbing his hands together almost switched to his pov, and threw me off a second. And also (I'm being picky) but I think it would be good to avoid exclamation points unless it's in dialogue. Or so I've been told and tend to agree with. Build your sentences with such strength an exclamation point is not needed.

Hope that wasn't too much red ink ;-)

Biblical fiction is so hard to write and you did a very fine job! Kudos!
A powerful retelling of a Bible story that never grows old.
I am new to the writing field, so I dare not critique to heavily in matters of grammar.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I thought that the one Exclamation mark was used well. Just my humble opinion.

I thoroughly enjoyed this piece.