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I can't even begin to tell you how timely this poem is for me. It amazes me that God knew I would need your words at this exact moment. Thank you so much for listening to God and writing this much needed message. If nothing else, know I desperately needed to hear those words right now. God bless you.
Such a wonderful message and so beautifully written. It flows so smoothly. Well done!
I've lived it. I know God wins over and over again. God bless you for your insight. This is a powerful poem. Use it everywhere you can. People need its message. God bless you.
Great truth here. My heart and mind shout "Amen!" to this beautiful poem.
This poem holds the great truths of God's provision for His children...uplifting and well done!
I've said it before: I'm not really a "poetry person" but this one really got me. I sometimes feel the poetry form hides the message, but that didn't happen here. This was absolutely right on target, and beautifully done. Clear message, comforting words, musical in form. Thank you!
LOVE this! The armor of God set to terrific rhythm. Well done!
Let me simply shout "Amen!"
I agree that this is so well written. A poem that flows well and offers much meat for thought. Full of truth. Very good job on this.

Amen! Amen! Amen! Excellent poetry, great job.
I SHOUT AMEN! Well done. Great flow and what a message!
So be it - that's what I learned Amen to mean - so be it. I could hear a melody behind this beautiful poem. Its truth is resonating with many who read it - a word in due season. Wonderful job!
Amen! Very nicely done Carol :-)
Excellent interpretation of the Scripture verse with great meter and rhyme.
Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. An encouraging word that we always need to refresh ourselves in. Good going!
This has a profound and up-lifting message. Love the, "But when our answer finally comes We simply shout, 'Amen.'" I needed this tonight. Thanks, Carol.
Beautiful and awesome reminder.