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Never look a gift house in the mouth! (or something like that) Loved your ending. When we leave it up to Him, it always turns out good! (good writing)
Perfect title! I love hearing people's "I will never do..." list! It always makes me smile. I love God's faithfulness to you in the midst of all this.
What a good reminder, it makes one wonder how life might have turned out if we hadn't argued with God.
Great story and wonderful testimony about our plans, versus God's plans. Made me chuckle that all three areas in your life you were determined wouldn't happen, did.
Very well told story. Good job.
I was so uplifted by your testimony to trusting God and going through those doors He opens. Nice job. :)
Great testimony. This story had a great flow to it.
I loved that this was true and not contrived to have a happy ending. God is good. Well-written, loved the dialogue.
This is like reading a diary of a blessed life. Yes, we plan, but God does direct our steps for our good. I had to laugh about Phil not listening - just think of it as confirmation from another source : )
You made it really interesting, not all that easy to do in writing personal essays.
Wow, I needed to read this story and it's scripture. Thank you. God is good! Be blessed.