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I'm always amazed at the way God can work out (and work through) details. This is a wonderful story, each detail adding to the complexity of your situation. Your title is perfect! Very nice!
I felt your joy for you, and with you, at the realization that God was taking care of you, despite your persistence to forge ahead. :)
I could really relate. The first lines cracked me up because they rang so true. Great job. Loved the story. You're a blessing! God Bless.
This story is a great reminder of how God works in all things. Some of the descriptions got a little long - they were all excellent, but my eye started skipping after a couple of phrases. Try paring them down or spreading them out.

Great wow moment!
I love the voice of the MC - something beguiling about it which made the wow moments so believable. Great job and the story line is one I relate to as well.
The start had me a little confused, almost like the second paragraph should have come first.
Lots of truth in the essence of this piece. God does work things out for us, doesn't he?
Good job.

How many times have I stressed over some little thing only to have God work it out better than I could have imagined. I like what you did with the topic. You wrote a very good illustration of a Wow moment.
I've had those moments! My Daddy works things out for my good...and I'm thankful to be past the easing-out-of-homeschooling akwardness ;-) Wouldn't have traded it for anything, though.

Well done all around!
Nice job!

A+ on the title.

"sicker than mud pudding" what a clever way of saying that, and certainly effective!

I really like the bit about the unexpected warmth from the other student. That was a lovely touch.

Just really a pleasure to read overall.