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Just wonderful. This really touched my heart. A beautiful reminder of our miracle working God. Thankyou
So much packed into this story, and it's all good. Love it!
I love the story progression using segments to tell Molly's "Testimony," especially the one with her own grandchild. I had to smile at the "change black hair blond" (went totally against what I thought she would ask---and I liked that). Nice work!
This is a sweet story how a lonely young girl was able to finally feel loved. Very touching.
Thoroughly enjoyed every morsel of this story from weaving in and out of different POV's, to an unexpected and heart warming ending.
A sweet story of discovering true beauty with Jesus
By letting go and letting Jesus, she not only found THAT relationship, but she also found a husband who could truly love her and think her beautiful always. Now that is kind of prayer God loves to both hear and answer.
Timeless lesson on true beauty and values. Well-written.
What a beautiful story, complete in three vignettes. I loved Molly's progression through the story and the journey of life. Well done!
I loved the intro and conclusion of this story and how they worked so well in the story. Excellent!
I'd love to see this story shared with young girls trying to find their way through the dark woods of superficiality and shallow relationships. A true Testimony indeed, warmly and wonderfully written.
Thank you for sharing your testimony in such wonderful way.
I love that you set this in three parts with her being a grandmother at the end. Great touch.

Nicely done!
Ack. I wanted to whack Davy. What a meanie! I liked Molly's turnaround though. Nicely done and good ending to show what was skipped in the beginning.
Y-wowsers! I liked this story in a sandwich, really I did. Just not sure what kind of sandwich, which is what I like about it. It could be the present sandwiched in the past. Could be the possible future sandwiched in the present. Either way, I like your sandwiches. Great job. I'll have to take note of this technique for future use at some future time sandwiched around this present time ... (sorry) sandwiches get me that way. Loved it. God bless.
I totally loved the characterization of the young girl and grandmother.
Okay, maybe it wasn't a sandwich and she was the grandmother ... what do I know. But I liked it, even though I choose to think the ending was going back to the beginning, a memory giving her hope to find God again as an adult. I'm done now. God bless again.