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Congratulations on touching on the humanly-impossible task that we share in whenever we seek to communicate or demonstrate God's grace. 2 Cor 2:16 refers to us simultaneously expressing the fragrance of life to some - and the stench of death to others - depending on how open they are to receive all God seeks to offer them. Only God knows their hearts; and he trusts us to share his heart and his desire for their greatest blessing.
An interesting way of seeing a sermon from the perspective of a writer. As writers, we normally target our writings to the masses, and this means each reader may be able to take home something different.

If we are writing devotionals, for example, we should seek God to let us know what He would have us write to the audience. When we do that, God is able to inspire us in the way we write and turn our writings around if necessary, so as to speak to the hearts of the readers. In this way, each reader is likely to receive an understanding from a different perspective, even if the key truths in the writing remain unchanged. Our role therefore is to listen to God and write from the heart, and let God do the rest.

May God bless you as you aspire to write for Him.

I too, share your heart to touch a contrasting group of people, at the same time. Believers in different walks, unbelievers in different stages of their unbelief, and even children and adults at the same time, so can completely relate to what you are saying, and glad to hear another, is like me. :)
Also, think you meant Shepherd versus Shepard.
Good job!