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I like this article, and the proximity to Easter, as we reflect. We may not understand every passage, but in our family of faith we know a miracle or two when it happens. Many times God's miracle of providence goes unnoticed leading us to someone, and perhaps this article will be used of God's Spirit to prick someones heart to believe. Amen
This is an interesting struggle. Well written. Thanks!
You did a great job with this, and addressed what so many others struggle with. I'm with you, God said it, I believe it! :)
I'm with Matthew Henry on this one! "happened as described -- fact." You've done the subject justice, bringing up examples. I love your conclusion, "I couldn't have it both ways. Either God could do miracles, and Jesus rose from the dead; or God couldn't do miracles." Nice work!
Ruth, I loved this entry! It's powerful and thought-provoking. I also believe the Lord will use it to bring many closer to Him. Great job!
I liked how you argued with yourself. I often do that as well when I am searching for an answer. I'm delighted you found the answer. Thank you for sharing your most intimate thoughts.