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Again I got excited when I saw the name Nan. I have a feeling it's coming to an end. It has been an enjoyable set to read. I can't wait to see what you'll do with Wow, but I'm sure it'll be quite fitting.
How you gonna end this in one or two more episodes huh?? Someone is gonna squeal - is that it?
Ps Loving it!
Another great episode of Nan and Co.
but I doubt this mystery is going to be solved in just one more chapter. Looks like the case will have to be adjourned for a few weeks.

LOL I love the detective's comment, “call me. No wait. Don’t. Send me an email. That way I can put it in my junk mail file.”

I reckon the locket off the bracelet has a microchip in it with secret government plans on it.

Oh, and I'd be asking for more than $10 for the book.
The detective was loveable in spite of his attitude. How'd you do that? lol, I hope this reaches a conclusion this week...or do we just send you $10 bucks for the book?
Love this, but now I have to go hunt them all up and reread, just to be sure I did n't miss anything.

So, let me get this straight. If the detective knows something that others in the department don't, they just go to him because 'Runny knows'? hehehe

I am a huge fan of this kind of writing- Usually written for television.
I could see your opening being played out, with a proper detective modus operandi. :) …and the plot thickens (couldn't resist).