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Nothing like college students to find a way to have fun with Jell o. The story was well written and gave me several smiles.
Your dialogue is great. Fun romp about college life and I was so proud of Ulani, thinking a week in advance!
Very entertaining, cute and creative. The dialogue seemed very believable. Jello balloons, got to remember that one. Great job. God bless.
Jello balloons - ingenious! Too bad I didn't have that one in my arsenal back in college, when I short-sheeted my roommate's bed and dipped her toothbrush in liquid dishsoap. ;) Those kids had WAY too much time on their hands! Funny story.
Excellent. A curious insight into student culture that makes me wonder whether it's imagined or observed!
I felt that your conclusion was a little tame. Aside from that, well worth reading
LOL! ... a jello balloon (I gotta make sure my kids don't hear about this). :) and I was a little disillusioned when I read this, "Poetrys not a superpower." (but you so nicely covered for the comment). :) Your creative brain was in overdrive for this. :)
This brought back, memories. I've heard of frozen water balloons, but never jello balloons. What a great idea! Fun read.
Eek... Ick! I thought my college friends were pretty wild and crazy, but I guess we were actually quite straight-laced. This was a lot of fun to read--good job.
Very creative... and I learned something new. Jello balloons... hmmm....
Congratulations on the top 40!