The Official Writing Challenge
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I loved this! And I admire and totally enjoy Simon Cowel! I also like you speaking what we all feel and you spoke it well! Good Job, Kudos and thank you :)
You're right our work is like our babies.I agree in being honest as long as the critique is constructive and not downright mean, we can learn much more this way than from an empty pat on the back.
I like this article for its honesty and, sorry folks, but I agree that Simon is right in line for discouraging those would-be artists on American Idol who "can't carry a tune in a basket". We are all much too sensitive for our own good. I am deeply grateful to those who dared to offer constructive criticism on my writing. It helped me do a better job next time.
Not everyone understand good critique etiquette, but coming from the right people it is very helpful. Terrific job in explaining what it's all about.
Very humorous and honest approach and a wonderful new spin on using the "non-word" in an essay.

Now...if you will excuse me while I go figure out how to use 'hmph' in an intelligent and creative way....
I loved the connection you made between writing and babies. And yes, I agree - Simon is almost always right, honest (sometimes brutally so!) and the one we listen to the most. Great job of communicating what we all feel and think as writers. Honest critiques can sometimes be painful, but we need them in order to grow!
Great job and good point. I try to always be honest when giving a critique. I can't stand fluff, and it's not really helping the writer get better. Sometimes it comes across as harsh, but I have received many private messages thanking me for an honest critique. And I appreciate receiving them critques). I will not get offended because if is done with the intention of helping, how can I?