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Dear writer, I can fully sympathize with you because I went through a difficult period myself. As I approached my 40th birthday, my husband died suddenly leaving me with three kids to raise. My younger broke out in anger, robbing the school & library and vandalizing a local feed store. Shortly afterwards, I lost my job when I had to make a court appearance with my son. Then, to add to the misery, I discovered a lump in my breast and had surgery. The upside of all this is that it taught me to really parise God for every good thing in my life. Walking through the fire is a great spiritual experience.
A very interesting story about the trials in your life. I respect the courage you had to go at it and overcome all of the trials and tribulations. it was a well-written article, although I did have a hard time seeing the topic.
But I'm thankful that there are people like you in the world that won't give up.
This simple testament will touch others as it did me. I used to sit in scorn at our big church as to why they treated me like I don't belong in the minsistry with them. No one wanted to teach the first and second graders, so I took it. Since then God has soaked my tears in the river of his joy.

May this writing be a medicine to our soul, and bear fruit beyond our life.

Thanks for sharing your compelling story. You are not alone.
As for the weekly topic of "eek"...I find that "Yikes" would have been a better topic for this "Ups and Downs" story of your professional life. Nice point, however; that " God takes care of His children and those who love and follow Him through thick and thin." Well written. God Bless.
There is a lot of wisdom in your story and a lot of hope for many of us who might find ourselves in the same boat. God will be in control if we let Him! Glad you experienced that in your life.
This story touched me and once again showed me God's faithfulness. Your last paragraph could be the hearts cry of us all. Well done.