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You made some valid points. It was well-written and ended nicely in prayer.
I especially like the prayer at the end.
Nice devotional and well-written. Keep up the good work.
Nice devotional or Bible Study; but to keep your reader intrigued or interested from beginning to end, I might suggest some anecdotes or some type of "Oomph" to make them want more; but job well done and your point well taken.
You have communicated some terrific truth in this devotional. I like how you started out with the lizard example and ended with the prayer. Just a couple of suggestions:

For a short devotional, stick to one scripture verse and one "take away" thought. Eliminate all the other scripture references (most people will not take the time to look them up anyway, even though they are great and fit the topic). I'd also include at least one personal story showing how the verse helped you overcome your fear. Nicely done - keep writing!
Interesting devotional

I guess it depends on where you live that lizards are considered house-hold pests(not here is Southern California)

I agree with others about having an anecdote to emphasise the point.

Well written-keep up the good work!
Thank God lizards are not on my list of househld pests. At any rate, very nice devotional, well put together, thought out and delvered. And I will fear not, unless I see a lizard in the house:) God bless.
Lots of good lessons on fear in this devotional. Good reminders for all of us.
You've presented a lot of scriptural truth, well organized, but seems
"heavy", more like a full Bible study. Devotions are better with one clear concise theme/idea running through it based on a primary scripture with narrative examples & explanations, perhaps a 2nd verse for emphasis.Enjoyed your thoughts and prayer.
So true! Meaningful and beautifully written, as are all your devotionals. Thanks so much.
Excellent Biblical message. I especially appreciate your "Not all fears are bad" paragraph. This is extremely well-written!