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Heartbreaking, but still filled with hope.
So eloquently written my friend in wounded heart.

You spoke for all of us who dare not. Every word mastered the emotions within each of us, that we ourselves fumble for.

Best of all, you directed this pain right back to our Creator, so as Beth heartbeaking and yet so filled with hope, as it so should be.

Kudos for the courage, beauty, and hope of this article!
Truly moving and inspirational. Your writing conveys the feelings that come when one realizes the answers and healing come from turning to our Lord.
I like this a lot!

A few flow/meter issues for me

You captured the MC's confusion well.
You brought out feelings anyone can relate to - we all have our own "dirty little secret." That's why I think it would be better without the two stanzas that tell what the author's secret is. My emotions had to turn a corner. Let the reader keep relating the poetry to himself. :) A little smoothing on the meter would polish this up. Good job on the topic!
The poetic form was used well to summarize and cover a tremendous span of emotions and events in a life, moving from hopelessness to salvation, plus dealing with a sensitive issue so well. I agree that the meter could be polished more, but the heart of this poem beats VERY strong, and spoke to my heart.
I think a little reference to the shh, could have been used in this. But overall good job.
A deep, moving poem - so very heartfelt. What I loved the most (as I do with all your writing) is how the MC takes her pain straight to God, and finds healing and wholeness there. A wonderful job, my friend!
Whew, this one started deep and concluded deep. I loved the way you pulled it all together in this moving poem
This brought tears to my eyes... as I can relate. Well done.
I was a bit confused in the beginning, but I read it through a second time and I really like the last line. :) Great writing with a wonderful message.
This is heartbreaking to read - and I know it must have been difficult to write. What you've expressed is truly the only answer - seeking God to lead the way out of this unbearable darkness. Healing does take time, but God's faithfulness is unfailing.
I can feel the emotions and the hurt within the writing. A very well written poem expressed from the heart that turns sorrow into trust in God. Great job and thanks for sharing this!