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Your words were woven into a beautiful song. I could see Sunday School kids singing this. You did such a good job of taking familiar stories and putting them in verse.
This is awesome, great job!
A very well crafted poem with a powerful message to listen to the Lord's voice and not the world's.

I hope you get acclaim for this, but even more importantly, I hope many read it and that God uses it to stir in all our hearts the need to stand courageously for Him! Thank you.
Love the format and the tales told in rhyme. Your meter is very strong - I only stumbled on the two lines set apart with ---'s. Changing "even family" to "your family" would help the first line, but the 2nd needs more work. I'd change the dashes too - they broke the rhythm for me. Putting the Temptor's words in italics would be effective to set them apart a little. This is a good poem, entertaining, educational, and a strong message on standing firm in our faith. Great title, too! I hope you find a place to submit this!
Dynamic voice. A lot going on with this entry. Love the tie-in to today. You preached a sermon.
You offer a fresh style of writing that is new to me in this challenge. I like it a lot.

Wow. I'm not an expert on poetry, but I thought this was amazing. The correlation in each Bible story leading up to today's times was awesome.

Welcome to the Challenge!
Epic poem - great creativity and awesome format. When I read the other comments, I realized that all my suggestions had already been mentioned, so I'll simply say: well done!
So glad you did well with this. It was my favourite this week. Congratulations!
I can tell that you worked very hard to get your rhymes, meter, and the message in sync with one another. Your hard work paid off, with an excellent entry that is well deserving of the level placing it earned. More than that... it is a very relevent lesson for all of us today, taken from some wonderful, and much loved Bible stories. Congratulations.
Congratulations, Ruth, this was great! I too love to tell the Bible stories in rhyme as you can see in my profile. I think this is a wonderful tool to use for children. Great job!