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You did such a good job of juxtaposing the harsh and the gentle voice from within. A message I need to remember.
This is cleanly written and gets the point across very strongly. A good reminder to stay focused in the truths of Scripture rather than our mental discouragements.
Lately this is how I've felt. Those voices can be pretty convincing. You portrayed the feeling very well in this story.
I've lived through a significant bout of depression a few years ago so I could really relate to this piece. I think this can be an encouragement tool for others who are hurting. Well done!
I love it! The first person is great here. I like the difference the MC feels in Jesus' two "shh"'s, and I felt the peace that flowed over her. Very nice!
I couldn't type this comment until I wiped away the tears. I love this so much. The voice you use is so believable and the message powerful. Wonderful entry.

Oh the sweetness of peace. This was gently written, well done coming from the heart
This is so well written I felt peace settle over me as I read it. Very nice.
Lovely - sorry no red ink!
You have a wonderful way of getting your reader directly involved with your MC. Possibly it's because of the use of the first person and the very real situations you place them in. Either way, you carry them through the story and make them care while learning a good lesson at the end.