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I'm still excited. I love reading this mystery in installments. It's like back when they had penny novels and a new section was released each week. Great job once again.
I knew it! That clap of thunder should have warned Nan. Now they are in a fine mess and it will be five days before I find out what happens. This is fun!
You handle dialogue, description and narration all very well, and weave them together into excellent story-line.
As an avid coffee fan I found myself in utter peril at the wasted coffee splashed against the window. Nooooooo! LOL Really great writing but I feel I really need to go back and read some I may have missed. You do great with the dialogue and building up suspense.
And yet another exciting installment of the murder mystery...hmmm, will it conclude before the end of the quarter or will we be left hanging forever?
Wow! The dialogue, storyline, and pacing are all terrific! Now I too feel a need to go back and read the earlier installments I missed. I want to know what happens next too! Great writing!
I agree with the other comments made so far. I too want to go back and read the other pieces. I remember a couple of them, but not real clearly. Maybe you could do a post on the message boards with links to this mystery so those of us who want to go back and read the earlier installments can do so. I know I've read two of them, but not sure I've caught them all.
I know this has had tons of praise heap upon it, but I prefer to be honest. I have read all the previous installments and this one is the weakest one. This installment did not make me want to read the previous ones. If I were to pick up a dime novel or a the old Mickey Spillane crime mysteries,enough would be happening in just a page or two to make me want to read the book. The dialogue did not sound natural. Who says "coffee in a go cup?" Whatever happen to "a coffee to go?" or "make mine take out." I know you are an excellent writer but mystery/suspense is just not your strong suit.