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Well-written. At first I was disappointed that I didn't know for sure what his secret was, although I have a couple ideas, then you made me realize it doesn't matter. God knows and loves him. You brought me right into the story. Good job.
What a challenging story! I must admit I was wanting to know the 'secret' (my argument being that it was in the interest of judging right and wrong) but I admit it cannot possibly be my business. WOW great story- even better analogy.
Good writing. Strong message.
The writing was very clever in the way it reverses back to anyone that would make a strong comment on gender issues?
This I know. Pathogen's, birth defects are a result of the fall. God is holy, yet God is love. Does what I say apply? Only God and this writer knows.
Very good way to hint strongly at the "secret" using the verse from Galatians. The narrative was a little slow in places - adding more dialog to "show" instead of tell us about Terry. I enjoyed this though - just the right pace to make me want to keep reading to find out why everyone was whispering.
An intriguing and enigmatic story.
Assuming that your lead character is called Chuck, you seem to have changed from first to third person right at the end