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I could tell you feel strongly about the subject. You did a good job stating your reasons. Your emotion really shined through.
Everybody has a "Soap Box" isue...and gambling is obviously yours. Well stated! However, (and this is strictly Hush, Hush) the first gambling I ever did in my life was done, believe it or not, in the basement of a chuch. "Shhh, I played Bingo." (*.*)!
There's an old song that says "You have to stand for something or you'll fall for anything." Sadly the picture you depict so well would go unheeded,even if every gambler in the very throes of destroying their lives were to read it. People do NOT see their addictions for what it is. However, great writing and you never know when your words will have an affect on someone! THAT is how God works through us writers!
Obviously you feel strongly about the "evils" of gambling, but for this to be a really good piece, I would have liked something in this article about a viable alternative. Speaking of course to non-Christians who need to know "what's in it for me?" You needed to expound as elegantly about the love of Christ and how he fills that spot of "something for nothing" Because grant you there was "nothing" we could ever do to obtain salvation. and (FYI, gambling in itself never sent anyone hell, but their choices did).
**oops, I meant eloquently not elegantly**
I was married to a man with a gambling problem once upon a time and I too know first hand the effects it can have. The Native Americans are certainly making a fortune off of it now and they are exempt from many taxes too. Works good for them.
A well-written expose' on the stark reality of casinos and gambling. So many turn a blind eye to this for the reasons you mention. (and I must say that it doesn't surprise me... but it is pretty sad!)