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Stream-of-conscious, quite creative!
Love your take on the topic! :) Your title is a riot! Your ending made me smile!
What am amazing story. Hey, why do they call them gold boxes? More like orange if you ask me. I like oranges and bananas but I don't much care for greens. Why don't people sells pinks or yellows then? I wonder what that button at the bottom does...
Your MC definately likes words!
I felt fatigued after reading this, like listening to a non-stop talker.
Very creative.
This is too real! Great job getting into your mc's head.
Gave me a glimpse inside that head. Smile. Purple carrots taste just like orange ones. Good job!
I like the way your MC rambled around in her own head. The use of light - hearted fluffy thoughts balanced by deep and heavy serious thoughts was a very effective method of writing. Keep up the good work!
Ah yes, the rambling mind. Nice take on the topic. Good job!
Wow. What an adventure through the mind and thought process!
Hey have you been eavesdropping in my mind before I go to sleep? I loved it, I laughed the whole way through. It's comforting for me to know someone else thinks like I do (even if it's a fictional character), it might be scary for the rest of the world... But I enjoyed how fast the MC thoughts flitted from one subject to another and I love purple carrots! Great job.
I laughed out loud several times. The ramblings of an adolescent mind can be as exhausting as their incessant (did I spell that right?) energy. I have one twelve-year-old friend that likes to hang with me. She thinks I'm great and all I have to do is surface occasionally and say, "Uh,huh." Good understanding of those "tween" years.
Honestly, this was such a kick this morning when I read it! I have to laugh out loud to consider it really funny and trust me, I laughed out loud many times! What a great entry! And the title is beyond funny!
Ha ha ha...that's Sara! I love the sandbox idea!
HeHe! I can relate to the character about needing to write and not always getting a chance to. All those ideas just build up in your head. . . never thought of it like a sandbox though. A sandbox with purple buckets and tiny blue shovels! ;) Oh boy, I admit I have trouble staying on topic sometimes in my journal, but not like that! Of course, I'm also a lot older than the character.

I really felt for her in the end. A small glimpse of the problems in her young life. Glad that she sees everything in such a positive way. :) Cute story!
Very cute story. Easy to follow in a random sort of way :)
Nice job.