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Wow! You really had me going for it, you sly dog. I was thinking, "Really? 53? Really?" I was also wanting to clobber Danny for making it all about him, which he wisely rectified. A tender--and for many of us--frightening piece of writing with a satisfying and unsuspecting twist ending. Great job!
Nice twist at the end!
awww disappointed me with the twist...I was so happy for them! Excellent writing though, held my attention from the first word to the last!
i have always enjoyed using the twist of "watching" a dream and then waking up. you did a good job of engaging us, and then taking us somewhere else.
Very cute! Being in your age group, I could see the mortification of your children ahead - what?? You have SEX?? LOL
I knew something had to be up, because I hadn't gotten to the 'phew' part, so the ending was a good twist, good writing.
Congrats on your EC Michael!
WOW! Thanks - My first one too!!
My, oh, my . . . what a delightful ride . . . even without the twist, but . . . with the twist, well . . . like Danny, phew!

Congratulations, Michael, on your 1st Place Win; thank you for your outstanding entry.

I really enjoyed this. I was so drawn in to their emotions and planning that the twist took me by surprise. Congrats on your EC Michael!
You had me going. Good job and congrats on EC
You certainly had me going... I was right there with your MC's all the way... Great twist at the end... very deserving of the level win and EC placement. Congratulations.
Congrats on your EC! Great job!
Thanks everyone! It was kinda fun to write! I'm VERY excited!
Congratulations Michael! This was a great story!
LOL! Great story.. I was relieved it was a dream too.. I'm close in age to...(well nevermind). :) Super congrats on your level placing and Editor's Choice award!