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I was holding my breath while reading (as if that could help your MC). You have a great spiritual message in this.
We climb mountains (with a qualifier.... they have to not be mountain goat territory) so I can relate to this piece so very well. and there are always those telling you you are far enough and deep enough with the Lord too but they cannot be right. Great piece and perspective!

How many times we are tempted to give up in our spiritual journey, rather than press on for the reward at the end! Great reminder to keep going - to be persistant in all areas of life. Great job at describing your character's pain - KEEP UP THE WRITING!
Quite different in many ways. You were able to portray the effort of the MC so well and the little voice within.
Nicely done. All too often we let the whispers of the evil one derail us or tear us down. I loved how the MC pressed on and was rewarded for having perseverance. Praise God that He has made us more than conquerors!
it reminded me of the temptation of Jesus in the desert. get behind me you negative thoughts. the story seemed to be written in a way that made it feel like little up's & down's along the way until the final peak- not sure if it was intentional but I think it works. well done :)
Great allegory! You switched tenses here and there - telling the story as a flashback may have contributed to the confusion. :) I think the ending would be better if you have the sunrise "speak" God's words to her, then end with her exclamation of victory. Good job on this one.
Yay, Rachel, congrats on your highly commended award!
Wow this is incredible. i thought I was the only one who had the horrible self-deprecating thoughts bouncing around in my head. Thank you for helping me realize no matter what I'm not alone. Your work is so helping soothe my battered heart.