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"Irate kingdom brawlers." Memorable lines. You have a voice that I enjoy.
Hey I thought that was my line! When the Jehovah Witnesses come to my door, I always tell them I am a Jehovah Witness,and that always gets their attention. I usually use that to "witness" to them about all the things that you listed in your article. In your case Jehovah-Rapha (the God that heals) went with you to surgery that day. Good job.
Good writing. Loved the story, and enjoyed the humor and emotion of that situation. Praise Jehovah!
I don't think you're "retired" at all - still busy writing and declaring Jehovah's kingdom truths! This story was a blessing to read.
Hey Earl, I found your story! I thoroughly enjoyed the subtle humor and humility of this preacher. Not much to improve here, but since I know you will appreciate red ink, I would just suggest proofreading a couple more times before submitting in order to tighten up the punctuation and word usage. Obviously, though, you are a talented writer. Looking forward to reading more from you. Welcome to Faithwriters!
Very creative ministry, and entry--beginning with your title. I was cheering for you as you spoke your message and considered part II. Great work!