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Brutally honest...and very thought provoking. It took a lot of courage to write this.
Whew, way to tell it like you see it! :)

Check your sentence structure in some of those opening paragraphs...( Why is this "Kumbaya" bull isn't for example.)

I did not see evidence however of the topic 'Ohhh". Did I miss it somehow?

Bless you for speaking out in how you feel, it is true, there is much contradiction is our society and too much passiveness in our churches, worry over being PC-- politically correct, when we need to be PC--public Christians!
I see the "ohhh" - at least in the fact that you are ohhh so angry and ohhh so passionate about your beliefs. At least that is what comes across to me. Perhaps when you write in that frame of mind you should set it aside for a day or two and then reread it. Some of your sentences are not correct and some take several readings to understand, if then.
Your ability to write is clear, but sometimes it is difficult to write when we are emotional about a subject. I hope you see this as the honest, positive feedback it is meant to be.
Very open and honest. There is such strength in your writing.

To me this was more of an "Ohhhh, wow..." At least, that's what I felt as I read it, because every point you brought out is so true. The world, and sadly the church, is a very "mixed" place.

The first sentence in the fifth paragraph is somewhat unclear. I couldn't tell which group was running the orphanage, and which group had it closed. Perhaps if you broke this down into two sentences to explain the situation?

It is easy to see your heart and your passion in your writing. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for sharing. All of us are a work in progress (we never progress far enough). We are either too righteous and overzealous at the expense of others, or too complacent after years of being a Christian. And then every Christian has a different interpretation and application. We are just people saved by grace, but never sure how to show grace to others.
Your article posed several questions that sound like you personally are dealing with. There's only One that has all the answers. DO NOT look to man for the answers, counseling yes but with much prayer and meditation, you can have peace. And stop thinking of and looking at yourself as a sinner,(you will be what you think) but look at yourself as God looks as you. Saved by Grace.