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Ah kids, ya gotta love em! Cute piece.
I loved it. You really painted a good picture of a mom needing a solid rest and the children who love her.

Lovely! What mother can't relate to this?
I have so been there. This is absolutely great.
I'm glad the good 'ol days with younger children is over. Nice portrait of family life.
One of those naps that leave you feeling so much worse. Enjoyed this Grrr story a lot. Very believable, indeed.
You do have to be specific with young children, don't you?:) Good job--enjoyed this a lot!
Boy, can I relate! Super job of presenting this slice of real life!
The way you presented this and the entire storyline had me grinning from ear to ear. Well done, thoroughly enjoyable.
Oh boy, been there, done that and have the grey hairs to prove it! You had the kid's reactions down just beautifully. The dog and the dream sequence added to the whole story nicely. Well done.
What a precious ending. Mommy is always on call. Great job.
This was a fun read and so true to life. Good job!
Ahhh...Mother, the queen of the home...who can't even 'lounge at her own leisure' without having a child (or two) on her lap to read to.

I can relate to what you were saying.
Good job in getting your message and plea across :) Thanks for writing it.
What a cute story. Love the ending! So typical for a kid!
Great story, fun to read. You certainly connected with all the mothers (and some of us grandmothers too who have grandchildren living with them) all over the world. Entertaining!
Congratulations on placing 3rd in Advanced AND 6th in Editor's Choice. This was such a great story. Well-deserved!
Congrats on your placings!
Congratulations on your EC for your very true-to-life story! That deserves an extra hour of naptime, right? :)
Every mother in the world can relate to your story! So well done...and so deserving of your placement!

Have you checked out the Challenge Forums?
Sounds like a typical mom nap to me. Great job! Congrats on your EC!