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I love this story. It is so true to life. I wrote a poem about this very frustration when the topic was yellow last quarter.
I titled it 'Yellow Frustration'. Everything I saw was yellow but I couldn't think of any inspiration at all.
Glad Sally wrote...'cause she made this girl's "grrr" moments bearable! I, too, do better with a more specific topic--but you've challenged me to rise to the challenge! :-)
I too use to complain about the topics until I realized that if I say I am "gifted" to write, I found out that I can use that gift to write about anything. It's not always great but it will be on topic. The question is do I always want to write about the topic? No. Keep writing.
I think this is great. I can so relate to it. I, too, do my best thinking late at night. The "quirky" will be over soon.
This was fun to read, and something we can all relate to. In fact in writing it, you did a great job proving that it's possible to write on ANY topic. Good job!
I'm sure everyone who is reading this (from the newbies to the old-timers) can empathize with dear Sally. It was well-written and flowed nicely.
Gotta love it! Know that Grr well.
Lots of fun reading this! I like that late night writing myself. Enjoyed it!
Very believable and a great way to present the topic : ) This is my opinion only, but I would have liked to have seen this written in 1st person and not 3rd. Usually 3rd person is a better way to tell a story, but in this case, where the theme seems so personal, I think 1st person would work well to really get inside the MC's head and thought process.