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Well done, and fun to read. Whether or not it is on topic, I'm not so sure. I look forward to your next modern day interpretation.
Interesting, I'm not quite sure of the use grrr before certain words. Overall good writing.
Good telling. The only grrr could have been their frustration and disbelief that Jesus was still asleep in the storm.
I liked the way this story surprised me. I know the Biblical story, but was quite a ways into this piece before I realized what it was. It seemed modern, which brought new life into it. I think that's good. So often Bible stories seem unreal or cartoonish.
I like the modern, contemporary take on a Bible story (or two), although at first I was thinking it was really a modern story. Very good writing.
Nicely done with a pleasing modern day feel. I also felt that there were a few too many rolled r's. But you're cerrrtainly bringing these storries to life.
I so enjoy the gentle lightness of humor, you are able to convey while writing about demonic oppression so clearly. That in itself is an art that I thirst for. Reality with appropriate light-heartedness. Also thought your grrrrr's were grrrrrrrrrrreat :)