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Cute story!
A very clever, fun read. I enjoyed this one!
So funny! And thought only cats had minds of their own! Thanks for the smile. ( :
Fun read for me because I had a Cocker just like Missy!
We had a Missy and this could have been written about her. It must be something about the name that makes dogs with that name become so mischievous.
The way we let them get away with so much is because they're so cute. A great poem!!!!!
What lovely thoughts about a special family member. Your poem flows effortlessly.
This, is the definition of our cat, Toulouse: "With any rule we’d make for her,
She’d hasten to defy it,
And anything we’d say, “Don’t do,”
She couldn’t wait to try it."
But, of course we love him - but boy does he stretch our tolerance, just like you said we must also for God at times. Great poetry - love your work.
You do so well with your poetry, no matter the topic! Loved the feel of this
Absolutely delightful--want a cat?
Cute and nice poem. Good job.
We had a border collie pup; and it mattered to him that he pleased his masters (us). So I can relate to you about learning obedience to our Master, pleasing Him at all cost.

(At eight months, our CJ got bitten by a brown snake.)

Thank you.

This was delightful (and I'm not a "poem person")! The message kind of crept up on me, so it was doubly delightful--I prefer that to having the message slap me in the face. Great job, and I think you can write poetry for me any day!
Classic Verna all the way! Offering fun, pleasure, skill and a message! Who knew?
I've never seen a dog that isn't drawn to chocolate. Why is that? It's poison to them.
Love it!

I liked "it" all the way from beginning to end. I really did like how you could make the word "it" fit and yet, "it" never felt redunant. Well done!
Very cute!I like the ending... :o)
loved it!
Smile! You've chosen an "adorable" subject for this! (I think :) ) I enjoyed this as your humor carried me along. What a fun title and great ending message!
This reminded me SO much of a certain bad-tempered poodle I know (NOT owned by me... I'm a cat person). Maybe your clever and beautifully written poem will make me feel more sympathetic toward him, the next time he bites my ankles. (Or not...:)
This flowed beautifully and expressed a great story in poem. Loved it. I have a Kavoodle but she is the exact opposite.