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Loved it! Yes, I am a sucker for dog stories. Trying double spacing between paragraphs and dialogute, before submitting preview your article to see if the spaces took. If not go back and double space again on your original (this is what I have to do because I do not have microsoft word) So there are actually 4 blank lines. I hope this works, your articles will be so much more readable :)
This story hit home with me. My precious Yorkie died last year from a rattlesnake bite, and like Tigger, she attacked the snake just when I came close to "rescue her". Precious spiritual analogy here. A few misspellings (maybe typos), I do agree with the spacing and I'd eliminate the asterisks between sections - let your wording do the transitional work for you. Great story!
Poor Tig. Sure is enormous what Jesus did. Maybe we could be like that in standing for fellow humans against 'the snake'. And enjoy life as much as Tig did in the meanwhile. Sweet story.
Beautiful! I think that is all that needs to be said.
...very good dog story, proving them as our best friend - and a fine parallel to the sacrifice of Christ. It would have seemed better written if it had proper paragraphing, as others have said.
A sweet story with many elements (loved that you included the Mom turning snake to mincemeat) and, as stated beautiful analogy. Great writing leaves the reader with an "imprint" - I will always have with me the picture of the last snake encounter.