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I liked this. You shared great wisdom.
This was written very well, although I don't necessarily agree with all of the content. If you are using this forum to make a statement, be prepared for those who do not agree. I believe what the scriptures said of course, but I also know that we are called to be good stewards over what God has given us. I would never misuse any gift and treat it lightly. Just like the gift of salvation, knowing that I have accepted Christ as my personal savior does not give me license to behave in a way that does not represent Him. Likewise, I would not knowingly pollute the oceans, air and the environment knowing that in the end God will somehow make it right. So whether you believe in global warming or not, the evidence is right before your eyes and probably in your home that we as a people are not being very responsible with the "gift" that God gave us.
P.S. Also I am not real clear of the grrr!. Unless it's just the fact that you are tired of hearing about global warming.
Yes I think you have a realy interesting argument,and one I must admit I had not 'seen'- though I remain convinced we humans are doing dreadful things to the beautiful home He created for us. Could we not be near destroying the planet using the free will He gave us? Ok so your argument, a good one, is that man cannot fully destroy God's posession. Well said --where is the Grrr?
I so understood the grr. But I'm sure many will disagree, one of the ways we broaden our horizons is to hear what others are thinking. Then we consider our thoughts, backgrounds, and where we live and come up with our very own unique position. It's wonderful that people are different and may not think in the mainstream.
I think the issue of Global Warming has as much disagreement in the Christian community as does different views on the Rapture and whether or not a person can lose their salvation. I don't think that you are advocating disrespect of God's earth when you disagree with the "environmentalists" views of Global Warming. Good job making people think, whatever the case.