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Neat story. The only thing I didn't understand was, which one said "Huh"...and why wasn't it given a qestion mark? I figured one or the othr one said..."Huh?" a bewildering type fashion. But otherwise... nice job!
I love to rummage through old boxes...enjoyed the story.
Very creative and cute story. Some good adjectives used, but may I suggest perhaps [a grimy path across the cheek], rather than use "face" twice?
Ditto with the word box. Look for alternative words: carton, container, etc. instead of using "box" several times in a paragraph.

I got the Huh! Nice job!

Clever ending, good story.
Good story, fun ending. I liked the comraderie between the siblings as well.
An interesting insight into a very different way of life. I found it a bit difficult to reconcile the biker image with that of the pirate, so your ending left me a bit confused. But I enjoyed the character development in the initial rummaging.