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I liked this. You took us back to Babel very skillfully.
Well done.
You did a great job of bringing flesh and blood to this story. Your dialogue was well-written as well.
Really liked your take on "Babel". Good dialogue and I felt their confusion when the languages were jumbled. Good Job!
The descriptions and dialogue are so vivid, I felt I was there!
Wow, yes that must have been the biggest "huh" moment in history!

The "telling" parts were a bit distracting in places. But the scene was painted very vivdly! A great piece of Biblical fiction
Wonderful job of personalizing the Tower of Babel story. Dialog and story flow were just right!
A great take on the destruction of the Tower of Babel. Wonderful storytelling, and realistic, fun dialogue! Great job!
No doubt about it... the Tower of Babel is a great subject for this topic. Good job conveying the emotions of the people who experienced that "confusion of tongues"!
Wow! Amazing. You did a wonderful job here.
A great approach to this Bible story, from the workers' pov. Well done.
Good job and congrats!
Very creatively done and certainly deserving of this fine placement! Loved every minute of it! Would make a great novel!
Such a wise choice for the topic and well executed in telling the story - no wonder it's a winner. Well deserved. Congratulations!
Wow . . . talk about yanking me directly into the action . . . find myself thirsty for water and . . . more reading! I saw it all, felt it all . . . emotional heat and . . . what a wonderful take on the topic . . . just brilliant. Need a sequel. Got to find out next journeys step for Zurek and Saad et al.

Congratulations on your third place win, Kellie, and thank you for presenting readings definition of pleasure.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It says so much about the human spirit. Thank you.
Congratulations on your EC win! Excellent writing.