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ROFL!!! I'm still chuckling here...what a hoot. Really enjoyed this read, though I hate to pick on the guys who can multitask AND answer questions at the same time. Hilarious characters and I can relate to countless conversations of my own. Great job!
Preach it, sister! I hear you loud and clear! And I have been married 42 years!
So funny...great job with mc's voice!
Funny, funny, funny! Why? Because you wrote a biographical story about my marriage. I laughed out loud several times. Great story. Thanks for sharing and for the reminder there are others in the sisterhood who can relate to my frustrations. (Sorry, guys!)
I had to LOL at the comment about "speaking in tongues" that "Presbyterians don't do". Great line! This is a riot.
This was an awesome story. You captured a truth about the male/female relationship thing that has all women hearing our husbands saying, "huh?"
LOL! Great story. I feel sorry for the wife, though. She must have the patience of a saint.
I'm with you! Here's to all of us with crocodiles in the pool!
LOL! Great piece!
This is great-well written and funny.
Congratulations on a great story. I didn't see any comments from the men though. Some of them must have read this and I'll bet they're all feeling guilty. What a man really notices about a woman is whether or not she's pretty. They don't really care whether we have brains or not which is why women have been repressed for centuries. As long as we can cook a good meal and change a diaper they're usually satisfied. Come on and deny it, men, we're waiting to hear from you.
Very good. I loved it. It brought a smile to my face.
Congratulations on you placement and thanks for the great laugh! Excellent.