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Oh my goodness, what a riot. Cow urine??? I thought that his trying to get cow's milk was funny, but cow urine? This was hilarious. Thanks for a good laugh. Great! Now I'll be chuckling all day.
Absolutely hysterical! Well written too - nice flow and very descriptive.

Too funny! You know, I have some relatives that are really in pain........
Really cute story, and I could easily envision the situation from your narrrative. Having lived on a horse ranch, I was reliving some similar moments with city folk. Your story was wonderful.
Great Job! I could picture the whole scene. Being a cattle owner, I sure appreciated the humor!
Very well written and a humorous tale...Well done!
oh my, how funny! hmmm, I'll have to put my mom onto researching that. We're always looking for "natural" cures.... I think this is taking it a bit far though!!! lol, great writing, I could visualize the entire piece and the characters. Great job!
Hilarious story, written very well!
Thanks for this funny, well-written tale. Very enjoyable.
LOL! Love your disclaimer, too! :)
A fun story, just in time for the Stock Show here in my part of the world. Not sure about that unique remedy, though...:) Good job.
A cure for arthritis? Wee never herd the like! Please, would urine that past me again? Urine-atural wit, my anonymous friend! (Or should that be 'wet?') Sorry to be such a bladder-mouth, but I know from experience that scenery is restricted to the lead cow! Hilarious flow (an accidental pun) in this very descriptive and moo-ving story; even if udders may think it a bit beyond the pail. Thanks for the belly-laugh you gave me.
Very funny. I really enjoyed it.
I've heard there are all kinds of uses for (tongue-in-cheek)that particular organic substance. Wonder if it matters what kind of animal it comes from.

Anyway, your story is a riot and written well
And now I've had my laugh for today--great humor writing.
Nice handling of suspense and timing was right on for the humor. Who knows, you might even start an urban legend with this : ). On the other hand, it just might work!
Very well written and very funny!
As one who suffers from severe osteo-arthritis, I am not, repeat, am NOT going to chase after cows. What a hoot!
P/S the question begs to be asked... do you rub it on or drink it?
Hilarious! The stuff that urban legends are made of. Thanks for the laugh:) (You, too, Lynne...)
Congrats on placing with this one Joy! I loved it!