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Oh yeah, been there done that. You've got to use these opportune moments to work to your advantage. Good writing!
LOL! I call those "Mom" moments, because whenever Mom was thoroughly occupied, I could ask A, B, C and the answer would come through "Okay." and then, if I ran away fast enough I could get away with the extra scoop of ice cream, a second soda, etc...if not, it went "Okay...WHAT?! Get back here!" heehee. Great moments in here, would have liked to see a little more though, it seemed kinda short. ^_^
The joys of matrimony...haven't we all had them?
I suspect this scenario is retold in marriage counseleing visits every day!
You think this is bad? I have a husband who's stone deaf in one ear and doesn't hear anything in the other unless he's wearing his hearing aid. I've learned to stand right in front of him and talk real loud if I want to be heard. But even then he forgets unless I tell him 3 or 4 times. Good idea for the topic.
Humorous take on the, if my wife reads, might give an "Amen and preach it sister" :) Good job!
I love this tidbit of humor from real life.
Sounds like a lot of homes around the country. Guess Daryl REALLY loves his sports! I enjoyed this well-written story.
Good job! Very realistic dialogue. This (your topic) was the subject of our pastor's sermon this past Sunday - from Ephesians 5. Your Daryl shoulda' been there.
Oh, so true! It's so easy to tune out, isn't it? Good job.
I thought this was kind of sad....But yeah it happens....a lot!It's not about love though like we women tend to think.....
I think in communicating, there's that complex harmony of finding the right words at the right time!!!
I love that verse in Proverbs 25:11 that says 'a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver'.....
but when you're at home after a long day and you've got to juggle a lot and talk, plan....golden apples seem like a luxury! lol!.....but amazing things happen when we pray for grace to be patient when we are not heard, and to find the right words at the right time!
You handled as sad and all too common subject with humor. Good job.
Thanks to all for the kind comments. This is a ficticious story meant to portray the need for priorities in relationships.