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Very funny story. I really liked the part about the signals. Good job.
I thought maybe with all the patting and petting you'd forget the bike ride and have a little snuggle time. (Did I really say that?) Funny story!
This is hilarious. A very good testimony for why men should be selling bikes, not buying them. Glad you can make light of it. Good job on topic!
Boys will be boys with their toys!
Good job...funny from start to finish! I liked your details--black flakes, washcloth, signals and all--and the "one with the bike" comment at the end was a nice touch. That could be your tatt! LOL
You should be able to find a "home" for this story - too funny. Typical guy!
For this topic, I also wrote something regarding men/women differences. Your piece was a little more understanding of the guy. My article was more satirical, trying to hint at the importance of communication and compromise in a relationship.
I feel an urge to defend boys and their toys!
This was great, wonderfully told with a gentle self-deprecating humour throughout.
I also ride bikes but I would never trust myself with something as big as a 1100cc - no way. Stick wings and that beaut and watch it take off!
I could really relate to this story. Been there, done that but you were able to relate it beautifully. An enjoyable read.
Having been a biker for 38 years, I really enjoyed your story.My bike's top speed is 145mph, so my wife has long given up on the hand signals.(she can't use them when we are riding so fast, as she is holding on for dear life.)She does however punch me in the ribs (they are permanently bruised) when she is feeling unhappy about the way I am riding and if I do not slow down, I have learned from bitter experience that all cudling will cease forthwith!!!Be concerned when he wants to park the bike in the living room, always wear protective clothing, even leathers (I have crashed at 120 and they do save your skin)and forget tatoos God forbids them.Ride on Ken.
Reminds me of our honeymoon in Bermuda(long ago!)--We rented a moped-and my new hubby drove with me in the back. It was horrible! He kept leaning one way or the other as the road curved; I thought we were going to tip over. Imagine his reaction at the end of the day when I revealed that I'd spend the whole time trying to "balance us" by leaning the opposite way he did!!! I guess he thought I knew something about mopeds!!

As far as the signal learning in the driveway---I was waiting for neighbors to come out and ask what was going on! :)