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How true this is. We're all called upon to witness our faith but some of us hesitate for fear of being ridiculed. But there are many ways to witness without being offensive and I've found that the very best form of witness is just to mirror the walk of our Lord. Very often when someone is seeking help in a difficult situation, they look for someone they feel will give them good advice. And this is just the opening we need to share our faith. God bless you for writing this.
Preach it, brother (or sister)! Good Word full of Truth. I don't think I've ever heard the word "pre-believer" before. Cool! (Of course, since I've said that I'll find out that EVERYBODY else has heard the word before this.)
Thank you for the nudge. we do need to 'redeem the time'.
Very well written.
[This is because they feel there is no need for them to trouble us or because they do not wish us to be upset over their troubles.]

Good thought-provoking article; however,it could be written tighter. Writing tight means not using 25 words to say what you can say in 15. ie. above sentence could read "Perhaps they don't feel a need to trouble us or want us to be upset over their circumstances." This avoids repeating "because" and the word "trouble(s)" in the same sentence.

Thank you for this poignant reminder. I am guilty, and will pray for God to open my eyes, heart, and mouth to the lost.
Your message is timely and relevant! Praying it will speak to hearts. Very good!
Thank you for another beautiful and heartfelt devotional!
A nice reminder; however, my only suggestion would be as another commenter stated"..."tighten it up so that it doesn't ramble on and on until you lose your reader. But Truth lies within this piece. well done.
Very nice devotional. Lots to think about. Thank you.
You've certainly given the readers a lot to think about in a devotional format. My only suggestion would be to tighten the focus as you are presenting the message so as not to cause the reader's mind to stay on track.