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I loved your oops moments and the title was perfect. Never judge a book by its cover. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. God bless
Nice false lead there! Was sure Shenae would be the oopsie stylist. Good lesson for me to not judge the book by its color!
I meant 'cover', not 'color', but then I guess that works too. LOL!
great story! I've had some of those oops moments myself! Very well written
What a hair raising experience! Congratulations on your placing - well deserved.
Oh no, no, no! Definitely not an "Oops" you want to hear at the hair salon. This was an "Oops" of monumental size. Congratulations on your Highly Commended, well done!
Great story, well told! And congratulations on your "Highly commended"!
Heh heh. I love your detailed description of the quirky stylist. Real cute tale.
Brilliant! I so loved it! I couldn't get over the for the cut, well let's just say I'd never seen anything like it....that will keep me laughing for a while! I love reading humor...what's life without a laugh?...but I so would not have wanted to be on that seat!I really enjoyed it.
Great story.....really good.
Neat story. A couple of grammar or typing errors, but aside from that - it was an ejoyable read and proved the point about NOT "Judging the Book by it's Cover.

(Footnote:...I"ve researched as you suggested; but can't find the definition of "Paradise" in the Bible...need help. Thanks.)