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Gotta be a winner! Wonderful descriptions of characters & action. Love the MC's voice.
This is so cute and good medicine for a blue mood.:0) Thx for writing this. Very well done, great voice and the dialogue was colorful and descriptive. I could see the whole escapade in my mind and had to laugh. Loved it!!
hilarious and I can see the action. Great job!
Loved your story! What a Hoot! Keep up your great writing.
Your dialogue hooked me right away. You have a great ability to show AND tell.
You have a vivid imagination and have mastered storytelling! My favorite word was flubberment.I can't wait to read more of your work. Brilliant!
I love this Grandma! Too funny! Excellent.
Very good. Grammy voice was very authentic, keep up the good work!
Spot on with the dialog and the comedic timing was perfect.
Fun dialogue and I could just see the toupee up in the air. I love stories like this!
Oh I'm holdin' my side I think I busted my girdle too, because grammy is a hoot!
I could see this as a comedy skit on a clean Saturday Night Show. Thanks ,laughter is such good medicine.
This is probably the best I've read this week. What a hoot! I just love Granma and all her wonderful sayings. This has got to be a winner, and if it isn't, well well done anyway. I loved it!
Too funny! I loved how you paced the was very visual and entertaining. Gram is quite a character. Nicely done!
Just now got around to reading this entry. It is just wonderful! I love humor that's done well and this certainly is. Love the character! Well-deserved win.

Congrats Patti - brilliant writing and great fun. Its good to have you back! - I've missed reading your entries. Margaret
A well deserved 1st Place! Great fun writing, I bet! Loved reading it!
You create a fabulous Grandma character! Well done on your win.
See! See! I told you this would be a winner. Talent, girl, talent :-)
Great writing! This was loads of fun. Congratulations on your EC!
Congratulations on your winning third in the Editors' Choice! (",)
I wanted my Grandma . . . I mean Carol Anns Grandma . . . to hurry up with the story, too. Then, after that climax with Mr. Grimm, it dawned on me . . . wait a minute, this is a story . . . Im not actually there . . . Im reading this, not living it.

Freely flowing vivid imaginings made vital, through nailed-down entertaining dialogue held in character.

Pleasure personified. Just fabulous, Patricia. Thank you.

Congratulations! Love the comedic (word?) descriptions and the overall humor in this piece. Great title!
What a sweet and funny story! I laughed so hard at the grandma's accecnt. Well done!
Congrat on your level win and EC placement with this lighthearted and entertaining story. Loved the voice of your MC and all her cute expressions. Great piece.