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I enjoyed your story very much. It was great use of the word "oops" and very believable, unfortunately.
Very clever and challenging, for we never pray for those we gossip about, and never gossip about those we pray for. Well written.
Well done. Clever way of packing one big oops too many of us have given in to, and then we end up making a huge mess. Humorous piece and the dialogue is realistic. Nice job!!:0)
Nice use of the growing snowball to parallel the growing gossip and its use to help foreshadow the details and ending.
Ah, yes, how often this actually happens. Well written, and a great take on the topic. Well done!
I often think the prayer chain in my church is often used for gossip. What a wonderful reminder for prayer chains everywhere. Your story had a great moral without being too preachy. Good job.
This is an awesome way to deal with a very real subject. Excellent.
Accidental speech is a crime! Prayer chains is a good practice without the wrong information. However, once a wrong information starts, it can snowball into a size beyond repair. The danger of gossips that lead people away from the church and sometimes from the Lord! May we hold fast our tongues to tame it always (James 3:1-18)! Nice approach on the topic with a message that tells it all.
What a good take on the topic. it reminded me a little of Chinese Whispers. Sadly, gossip often takes over from prayers. Well done.
I really like the way you parralled the snowball, to the snowballing gossip.
Very clever! A well-written analogy, and, unfortunately, true about the damage gossip can cause.
Too bad there aren't more like Millie, unwilling to pass on the gossip.
God job, well written.
A very unique and effective take on the topic! How insidious is gossip--the snowball grows when we don't even consciously intend it. Well done!
What a commentary this is! How often do we try to get away with gossiping using prayer? Enjoyable piece with a fantastic reminder to keep our mouths shut more often :)
This was really good. Gossip add the snowball have an unmistakable tie. Very well done!
Let me add my "well done!" to all of the previous comments!
I like the message of the story, just not everyone saying "oops, did I say that?" that did not ring true to me. Overall good job.
Very well told! Good reminder of the fine line between gossip and sincere care. Enjoyed it!
Well written and great message.
Congratulations on winning 2nd place! Loved this piece! Should be entered in church papers everywhere!
Hi "Old Friend." I didn't know you wrote on FW. And CONGRATULATIONS for your Second Place Win. You deserved it. This story is a great lesson, and well named. We all need to be careful of the Snowball Effect of gossip...Helen
Great job! Congratulations on your EC!
Prayer chain gone awry! Love the parallel of the two separate story lines. This is way too true. Congratulations! (loved it!)
Congratulations on your winning placements with this very true-to-life story. Too bad the tongue is so hard to tame--but thank God for the "Millie's" among us.
Your writing flowed at a nice pace and held my interest from start to finish. Great job.
Well, I didn't realize that my good friend Susan Gurney was a writer in FaithWriters! I just read your very good story, "The Snowball Effect." What a good object lesson for us all. How gossip can turn so easily into "The Snowball Effect."...Thanks for sharing. And I shall add you to my list of "Trackers." Helen