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"They were just a year from retirement." How tragic and confusing yet what a legacy to leave behind among the post cards. I'm sure they heard "Well done." when greeted by the One they served. Well done.
Tragic indeed. Put spaces between dialog for ease of reading. Well developed story nonetheless.
A touching story. Loved the ending. Thanks for sharing!
A well told story. My only negative comment is with fine-tuning. Proof-Reading. You start the story with Corinne who morphs into Sally mid way through the story. A little confusing for this reader.
I'm not clear on who Sally is...but this is a good story! Very timely.
*Author's note*
I apologize. I accidentally uploaded and saved the incorrect file - thus the morphing problem with Corrine becoming Sally. I apologize as that wasn't very "advanced" of me! :) I will not make that mistake again!