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It is a touching story. It reminds us that there are so many children who grow up without the kind of expressive love that they really need and deserve. I am sad to hear of your past family experiences, but happy to know that God has been with you.

And many more of us have married badly and got divorced. Fortunately for me, the second time around has been wonderful.
Yes, many of us can relate to what you've shared. And, yes, the 2nd time around, if one has made Jesus the center of their lives, makes all the difference.
Thank you for the honest and touching way you have taken us with you through healing that God is still growing within you.
Your title hooked me, and while your flow initially seemed to be running in a different direction, you tied it in - without closing the package. God continue to bless you and to bless others through you.
What a heart wrenching, yet beautiful testimony you've shared. I applaud your courage to share it with us. Hopefully, it will bless you to release it publicly...
Very well written.
I applaud your willingness to be so transparent. Finally realizing the love of my heavenly Father changed my life as well! This was written so well!
Like Carol said, our heavenly father is the best Daddy there ever can be!

Really liked your story.
I had 2 children out of wedlock. They both are amazing creatures and I know Jesus needs them for many important tasks in this world. However, I never referred to them as "mistakes", they were "Surprises!" I was the one who had made the mistake, not my kids. God bless you for sharing. It touched me in a way I can't even begin to describe. It was also great in that it was unique. Not many went down the serious path, but you traveled it with dignity.
How heart wrenching and beautiful at the same time. I'm so sorry you have had hurts but thank the Lord that He showed you how much you are a blessing and a "possibility"-not an "oops".
I could relate to this as well in many ways so I have to tip my hat to you in becoming, as one of the commenters put it,"Transparent." I think God heals through sharing, when it's the right time. Thank you for sharing this with us. You have a beautiful gift that can minister to others. Keep on being a blessing.
Very touching and sad, except for the ending. So glad your eyes were opened to God's love.
So sad, yet no bitterness rises from the page. That in itself is a beautiful testament to God's healing power. Thank you for sharing.
You were chosen to tell the story dear heart.Powerful!
Wonderful scripture.
Truly great writing. Emotionally vented, yet in an almost detached way - not an easy thing to do, but you succeeded. Not the least bit mushy or self-effacing. I only have one bit of "red ink" for what it's worth. I think the following sentence could be strengthened. You wrote this: "Our explosive interchanges never lead to violence, however, the emotional scars ran deep." I would have liked to have seen it made into two separate sentences. Place a period after violence. And then begin a new sentence with However,..." But this is just my opinion. Great job!